Australian MEDSpill is proud to be an exclusive Australian distributor to strong International Brands.

Our product focus is centered on chemical safety, spill clean-up, spill control and staff safety in healthcare facilities all around Australia.

Blood & Body Fluids Spill Clean-up Kits

In our range of Blood & Body Fluids Spill Clean-up Kits we are sure to have a kit that suits your environment.  Whether you are looking for a refillable multi-use kit or a single use; a kit containing PPE or no PPE; or a kit for small minor spills a kit to suit larger spills – we have you covered.

Chemical Spill Clean-up Kits

We have a spill kit suited to just about every chemical used in the healthcare environment – if not, let us know and we can design one for you!  Single use kits, neutralising the chemical spilt and includes the appropriate PPE to protect the staff member cleaning up the chemical spill.

Cytotoxic Spill Clean-up Kits

Cytotoxic spill clean-up can be very confusing with clean-up protocols varying at each facility.  Our Cytotoxic Spill Clean-up Kits are all inclusive with kits for powder or liquid spills.  We have Cytotoxic Spill Clean-up Kits to meet most clean-up Guidelines or Policies and if not, we can design one for you.

Spill Kit Components

Would you like to have a little extra stain remover on hand?  Perhaps you really like the masks we use in our spill kits?  We are happy to provide our spill kit components separately to the spill kits.

Chemical Neutralisers & Solidifiers

We have a range of neutralising products for OPA, Glutaraldehyde, Formaldehyde (Formalin), Acids such as Peracetic Acid and Alkalis such as Sodium Hydroxide.

Fluid Absorbent Mats & Pillows

We have a broad range of options available for fluid absorption suited to the healthcare environment.  You will find solutions ideal for excess fluids on the Operating Room floor through to leaking machines in CSD and wet floors in entrance ways.

Fluid Solidifiers

Whether you want to solidify a general fluid spill or a biohazard spill we have options available that will suit your needs.  There are various sizes available to cater for small or large fluid amounts.

Speciality Fluid Control

There are so many areas in a healthcare environment where additional and unique fluid control solutions are required from Theatre to Building Services.

PPE for Spill Clean-up

We use PPE in our spill kits that meet best practice levels so we understand that you may also like to use our PPE separately to your spill kit.  There are also occasions where you may need the same PPE contained within our spill kits when carrying out tasks such as changing over chemical bottles in sterilizers.

Emergency First Aid

Where there are splashes and spills, accidents can also happen.  We have a first class range of Emergency Eye Wash Solution, Wall Mounted Emergency Eye Wash Stations and a unique pH Neutral Wash ideal for Acid or Alkaline splashes on skin.

Browse through our product pages.  If you are not sure which product is suitable for your facility, use our Suggestions / Questions Page or our Live Chat for assistance.

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